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A. Palmieri (Napoli)

G. Franco (Roma)
A. Palmieri (Napoli)

N. Mondaini (Firenze)

F. Fusco (Napoli)



December 2012 - Editorial

Dear Member,
Today we are witnesses to a fundamental step forwards in the editorial history of the SIA.
Our official scientific journal, after having captured our members’ attention first as the “Giornale Italiano di Andologia” (GIA) (The Italian Journal of Andrology), then as the “Giornale Italiano di Medicina Sessuale e Riproduttiva” (GIMSeR) (The Italian Journal of Sexual and Reproductive Medicine) which obtained an
official index in Scopus and, in the recent past, as the “Journal of Andrological Sciences” (JAS), is now making a further stride forwards by electing to have its own official publications on “Archives of Italian Urology and Andrology”.
The “Archives” is a trimestral English language periodical edited by Scripta Manent, and indexed in PubMed, the largest free database on the web for access to MEDLINE and other databases, and therefore will allow for the best possible visibility and diffusion of andrologic literature within the international scientific community. The SIA will maintain its total autonomy with its own editorial board representing our society, which will be in charge of gathering and selecting the articles and the review process.
The SIA and JAS logos will appear on the front cover of the journal and the andrology articles will be published in the first and third issues of each editorial year. It is already possible to send original contributions to the journal at the address: or to the editor Scripta Manent at, in compliance with the editorial guidelines available on the SIA website as well as that of the editor.
This new official journal of the SIA gives more voice and exposure to the scientific production of our members and the merit for this conquest is owed, not only the brilliant work of the Executive Committee, but also to all of those who in these past years have contributed to the quality, scientific rigor and the diffusion of our journal.
We hope that all our members will be able to fully profit from this occasion and contribute to the growth of the “Archives of Italian Urology and Andrology” by sending us their best manuscripts and giving an ever more authoritative and valued scientific voice to the SIA the world over.
With sincere regards,

Ferdinando Fusco (SIA Editor)
Furio Pirozzi Farina (SIA President)

December, 2012

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