ESAU Course

8 Dicembre 2020

December 8th

14:00–15:15    ESAU Symposium 1 – Understanding and

Room 3              Managing Male Infertility – Where We Are Today?

Chairs                 Thorsten Diemer (Gießen/DE)

                            Andrea Salonia (Milano/IT)


14:00                 Mobile phones and Wi-Fi radiation – Modern enemies of the testis?

                            Ferdinando Fusco (Naples/IT)


14:08                 Do men with sexual and reproductive health- related diseases have a shorter life span?

                            Andrea Salonia (Milano/IT)


14:16                 Key points for success in vasectomy-reversal operations

                            Marij Dinkelman-Smit (Rotterdam/NL)


14:24                 Sperm recovery for ART in obstructive azoospermia

                            Fotios Dimitriadis (Thessaloniki/GR)


14:33                 Are there any advantages of performing orchidopexy in adult azoospermic males with cryptorchididm?

                            Aleksander Giwercman (Lund/SE)


14:41                 Robotic microsurgery as an alternative approach to conventional microsurgery for the therapeutic management of azoo-spermia – pros and cons

                            Thorsten Diemer (Gießen/DE)


14:49                 Optimisation, surgical techniques, and fertility outcomes in men with Klinefelter’s syndrome – the real life setting

                            Suks Minhas (London/GB)


14:57                 Tips and tricks in the surgical management of males with varicocele

                            Zsolt Kopa (Budapest/HU)


15:05                 Discussion


15:30–16:45    ESAU Symposium 2 – Surgery in Sexual

Room 3              Medicine

Chairs                 Ferdinando Fusco (Naples/IT)

                            Suks Minhas (London/GB)


15:30                 Preparing the patient for phalloendoprosthesis Oleg Ivanovich Apolikhin



15:38                 Intra operative corporal and urethral perforation during penile implantation: What do you do?

                            Asif Muneer (London/GB)


15:46                 Modern management of penile trauma

                            David Ralph (London/GB)


15:54                 How to navigate the different surgical therapeutic options in the management of erectile dysfunction – insights from the EAU-guidelines

                            Eduard Ruiz-Castañé (Barcelona/ES)


16:02                 Preservation of erectile function following surgical intervention in men with prostate cancer

                            Carlo Bettocchi (Bari/IT)


16:10                 Radical prostatectomy – prognostic factors for orgasmic dysfunction

                            Gert R. Dohle (Rotterdam/NL)


16:18                 Advances in the surgical treatment of Peyronie’s disease

                            Ates Kadıoğlu (Istanbul/TR)


16:26                 Penile transplantation – the urologist in front of different surgical techniques, the questions from the male patient, and the psychology of the female partner

                            Eduard Ruiz-Castañé (Barcelona/ES)


16:34                 Discussion


17:00–18:15    EAA/ESAU Symposium 3 – Management of

Room 3              NOA – Current Practice and Thoughts for the Future

Chairs                 Csilla Gabriella Krausz (Florence/IT)

                            Nikolaos Sofikitis (Ioannina/GR)


17:00                 Diagnosing azoospermia – from hormones to imaging

                            Aleksander Giwercman (Lund/SE)


17:12                 pre-TESE prognostic genetic tests: Where we are now?

                            Csilla Gabriella Krausz (Florence/IT)


17:24                 Histological examination for GCNIS in NOA: Is that a must?

                            Ewa Rajpert-De Meyts (Copenhagen/DK)


17:36                 Sperm recovery and ICSI outcomes in men with NOA

                            Sabine Kliesch (Münster/DE)


17:48                 How close are we to spermatogonia stem cell autotransplantation for the treatment of subpopulations of non-obstructed azoo-spermic men?

                            Nikolaos Sofikitis (Ioannina/GR)


18:00                 Discussion